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Founded in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Liquid Advertising has been servicing the south Florida’s tri-county area Dade, Broward and Palm Beach, and beyond since 2002. Under new management since the beginning of 2018, family owned and operated, the company aims to continue to establish itself as one of the leading suppliers of custom, personalized, private label bottled water for any type of business, corporation, organization or event by providing a unique, different and superior quality product as well as premier customer service. Its current and potential customers include:

  • Real estate development companies

  • Restaurants, bars, night clubs, gymnasiums and retail stores  

  • Professional offices: Attorneys, doctors/dentists, architects, real estate and insurance agents, etc.

  • Car, RV and boat dealers

  • Funeral homes

  • Resorts, country clubs, golf courses and assisted living facilities

  • Events: Weddings, birthdays, baby showers, bar & bat mitzvahs, trade shows, sports, concerts, campaigns, memorials, etc. 


The minimum delivered order is 10 cases, 24 bottles per case, packed in enclosed carton boxes and having the capability to deliver pallet quantities. Turnaround time from design to delivery is typically within 5 business days. Re-orders are delivered within 72hrs depending on logistics and weekly/bi-weekly customers have set delivery days. Service includes inside delivery and stacking.

Liquid Advertising designs, prints, and applies labels in-house. The process is simple and dynamic. Customers send logo, info desired on label and color preference when order is confirmed. Company’s personnel then responds with design and subsequent printing proofs. Once approved, order is produced and delivered within the above mentioned timeline.

Prices and discounts vary depending on volume and recurrence. There is a nominal one-time set-up fee for initiation, label lay-out/design and printing proofs, and a fair inside delivery fee depending on location and order quantity. Please email orders@liquid-advertising.com, call, text or WhatsApp message +1 954.895.4012 and a representative will elaborate and respond accordingly.

“Brand your name or personalize your event in a healthy way with the finest Florida’s own Purified Water with electrolytes”

10 cases minimum delivered order and 5 cases minimum pick-up order, 24 bottles per case, packed in enclosed carton boxes”

“Typical turnaround time from design to delivery is 5 business days; re-orders can be delivered within 72hrs”



“The circle of life flows through water. As the essential (element) to life, water flows through everyone and everything… even through the spirit, the mind, and the heart.”

--- Hualapai Cultural Scholar

"More than water, Florida's own Non-carbonated purified water with Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium, electrolytes sources, added for flavor enhancement and overall health"

Our water is Florida’s own refreshing non-carbonated water purified through a rigorous multi-step purification process incorporating filtration, reverse osmosis, sterilization by UV and ozonation, with calcium, magnesium, and potassium minerals added to enhance flavor and taste.


  • Meets or exceeds FDA Standards

  • Laboratory Tested regularly 

  • Bottled at source

  • The Best By Date is two years from bottled, both dates stamped in all our bottles for notification and traceability. 



#Goblue, “Our PET signature cobalt blue bottle, protects the properties of water from rays of light”

“Please recycle; let’s protect the environment for our future generations”

We offer high grade quality smooth panel (no ridges) recycled PET bottles cobalt blue and clear 16.9oz (500ml) and 12oz (355ml).  The 16.9oz is made of 23g plastic and the 12oz of 18g plastic; therefore, being resistant and durable.

We place extreme importance in sustainability. Our bottles are made of recycled plastic, are 100% recyclable and we promote recycling habits. Moreover, we are working to offer discounts to customers who return their empty bottles to be recycled by us as well as partner with organizations/campaigns that promote sustainability activities.

Our manufacturer has received numerous excellence awards from different organizations including the Supplier of the Year distinction from the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA).



Small to large/monthly/sporadic/one-time event orders – We offer full color 100% polypropylene (film) labels printed on white background with heat transfer thermal ribbon technology, soon digital.


This material is very resistant and can be soaked with or submerged in water without being damaged, 100% waterproof.


Small to large/weekly/bi-weekly orders (Same design for a period of at least 6 months) – We offer full color 100% polypropylene (film) labels and semi-gloss paper labels with a clear polypropylene over lamination printed on flexographic and digital technologies.


The polypropylene (film) labels can be printed on white or clear background; 100% waterproof.


The semi-gloss paper labels with a clear polypropylene over lamination can be placed inside a refrigerator without being damaged; however, if they are submerged in water, the edges will eventually deteriorate.





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